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Topper Volumizer #102

1 530€

100% premium human hair - incredibly soft, silky and easy to style. Maximum naturalness and lightness - for you.

Craftsmanship - each hair is sewn individually by hand to the base of the topper. This creates an even more realistic look, as well as the effect of natural hair movement.

Ultra-comfortable cap made of thin breathable material - for your convenience in any situation, in any company and in any weather.

The ability to change the style - you can recraft the accessory in your own way, change hair color, styling or even a haircut. Create your own unique image!

Realistic 3D imitation of the scalp - creates the ability to change parting and still imitate natural hair growth, for your maximum comfort and complete visual naturalness.

Simple donning system - you can easily cope with this task thanks to the thoughtfully-designed cap of the topper, which is light, securely fastened and conveniently sized.

Topper Volumizer #102 lets you achieve volumetric styling in just a few minutes! Attached to the top of the head, it creates fullness, extra density and volume, blending perfectly with your own hair.


Topper Volumizer is made of the finest human hair and is available in various shades and lengths - you can easily choose among them the one that will match the color of your hair and create the desired look and a spectacular volume.

If you can not find a fitting you product, leave your phone number and our manager will contact you within 15 minutes

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