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Determining the size of a wig is the first step towards a perfect fit and impeccable comfort​​

“Distance from ear to ear”

Determine the distance from ear to ear by placing a soft measuring tape across the highest point of the head

“Determine the Volume (size of the head circumference)”

Position the soft measuring tape so that its edge follows the hairline of the face, around the head under the occipital tubercle

“Determine the depth (distance from the forehead to the back of the head)”

Measure the distance from the middle of the natural hairline, through the crown to the hairline on the back of the head

Compare your measurements with the PICTURE PERFECT WIGS wig size chart

When determining your wig size, we recommend that you focus on measuring the distance from ear to ear

Volume and depth can be adjusted if necessary, using the special soft parts located inside the wig

If you have any difficulty in determining the size of the wig, please fill out the feedback form on the website www.pictureperfectwigs.com and our consultants will be happy to help you