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100% premium human hair - incredibly soft, silky and easy to style. Designed so that you achieve maximum lightness and the feeling of natural beautiful hair.

Fashion forward wigs – modern and trendy color and shade combinations with distinctive coloring technology that will complement your image and help you to always stay at the peak of fashion.

Craftsmanship - each hair is individually hand sewn to the base of the wig. This handcrafted technique creates an overall more realistic look as well as the illusion of natural hair movement.

Ultra-comfortable cap made of thin breathable fabric. You will feel your best at any moment and under any weather condition!

Realistic 3d scalp replica giving the ability to change hair parting and replicating natural hair growth. This creates maximum comfort and a natural look.

The ability to restyle! The freedom to color, style and even cut your wig enables you to create your own unique image.

The MARGOT C wig from PPW is a lightweight wig made from 100% premium medium-length human hair, boasting endless possibilities for styling and haircuts. This accessory is magnificent in everything: extremely light, more comfortable and softer to the touch, in comparison with other wigs.


To create this accessory, we used the latest technologies and the best materials: 100% premium-class human hair. The base of the cap of the wig is made out of thin breathable materials, this provides comfort and reliable fastening. The hairs are sewn by hand what recreates a natural movement of the hair.


Ready to wear lace front technology creates a natural hairline and allows you to style the wig to your preference. A realistic 3D imitation of the scalp opens up wide possibilities for diverse hairstyles and make it look like natural grown hair.


The Celebrity wigs collection is trendy in styling and shades allowing naturalness and modernity. Your confidence is in being the best version of yourself!

If you can not find a fitting you product, leave your phone number and our manager will contact you within 15 minutes

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